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E4 - Galilee Application for summer 2020 is now live!

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About the program

E4 – Galilee is an AMLN flagship leadership program that brings youth to Nazareth and educates them about the Arab minority in Israel. It presents a unique opportunity for all of the participants to interact with local citizens and community leaders in an unprecedented way, while discovering everything that the many cultures of the Holy Land have to offer. It combines learning, entertainment, and personal growth to enrich the overall experience and maximize its benefits. The program could also provide the option for participants to stay with local families, offering a rare and valuable opportunity for them to experience everyday life. It will help them deconstruct prejudices and stereotypes about the region, and will shed light and provide insights into the social issues that the locals face.

Why E4 – Galilee?

Our program allows participants to explore the Galilee region and experience it from various perspectives: culture, history, society, and entertainment. The experiences consist of visiting cultural sites, educational and inspirational meetings with community leaders, educators, and artists, as well as interacting with everyday citizens. Participants will have the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge, and relationships to become leaders who can build bridges of cultural understanding. These activities will encourage the young future leaders to expand their minds, horizons, and worldview. The ultimate goal is to empower them to drive their lives forward, as well as inspire their communities back home. As proven by our track record, the program creates a ripple effect that allows its benefits to reach beyond the two week period, affecting a wider community by word of mouth and follow up actions.

Program Activities

Meetings with Leaders:

Participants will meet with public officials, community leaders, academic figures, artists, lay leaders, and entrepreneurs, where they will engage in intriguing dialogue and thought-provoking discussions that broaden the perspective of the participants.

Day-to-Day Conversational Arabic:

Non-Arab participants will have the opportunity to learn essential conversational Arabic. They will learn practical phrases and conversational tools to augment their experience.

Dialogue Sessions with professional Facilitators:

During professionally facilitated dialogue sessions, participants and locals will discuss their personal experiences, beliefs, values and interests. They address topics such as the complexity of identity, foreign policy, the Arab-Israeli conflict, gender relations, education, and the impact of diversity in society.

Excursions and Cultural Immersion:

Galilee’s rich history and culture will play a key role in this program. Participants will travel to many places to explore the region and its cultures, with the option of overnight excursions in major cities. Additionally, they have the opportunity to explore the Holy Land and interact with lay citizens during personal time. Destinations will include Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Haifa, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Acre, Cana, and many others. They will experience the history, culture, and traditions of these unique places and obtain a deeper understanding of their past and present.

Challenges and Competitions:

Throughout the program, there will be various challenges, competitions, and rewards. They are designed to encourage the participants to engage more deeply with all their experiences and put their learning into action. There will be an awards ceremony at the end of the program where participants will present their work and winners will be rewarded.


Program Information

Program Duration: The program is generally two weeks long, however it is customizable and longer durations are available. Start dates are available throughout the summer.

Accommodation: Participants are safely housed in private accommodation in the city of Nazareth. They may also choose the homestay accommodation option, where they would stay with a local family.

Additional Program Services:
1. Pre-departure Orientation.
2. Domestic transport during the program.
3. Domestic accommodation.
4. Meals, except during free evenings.
5. Travel Insurance while in the Galilee region.

More Information coming soon!

More detailed program information like program dates and accommodation details will be available soon.

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    Application Process

    Application is live!

    E4 - Galilee Application for summer 2020 is now live!

    Apply Now

    Future Applications:

    E4 – Galilee will take place multiple times each year and for participants from different countries. Future dates will be announced in the near future.

    If you are interested in a specific time period for a group, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    You can contact us using the form to learn more about the program and receive updates about it.

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