About AMLN

Who we are

The American MidEast Leadership Network, AMLN, is a New York-based non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening bilateral connections between American and Middle Eastern youth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase global harmony by fostering and elevating a profound mutual understanding between these societies. We understand that the ideal way to achieve this is by bridging the existing gaps in culture, politics, business ethics, and the reality of people’s day-to-day lives. In an increasingly digital world, globalization lacks the compassion and comprehension that can only be achieved through immersive person-to-person contact.


In the midst of today’s of globalization, cross-cultural human interactions have increased tremendously over the past few decades. Due to growing phenomena that include international business development and exchanges made possible by the internet and social media, humans have come closer to each other than ever before. With this evolution comes an undeniable dissonance between citizens globally. There are simply too many changes and too much information for humans to process, given the extraordinary rapid rate of fusion between societies worldwide. As a result, there is an increase in misconceptions and intolerance amongst people. At AMLN, we believe that in today’s ever-growing social and professional global community, cultural and civic exchanges lie at the heart of its healthy and prosperous advancement.

What We Do

In pursuit of its mission, AMLN designs and executes various specialized programs that strive to bridge the gap between the US and the Middle East on multiple levels. Our programs connect participants with educators, businesses, politicians, and philanthropists to create holistic experiences. Each program focuses on different groups of people according to their needs, such as educational, cultural, and professional. The common factors between these programs is raising awareness, increasing understanding, building respect, and facilitating constructive integration. We believe that the most effective approach is to target young professionals and students; thus inspiring the emergence of a generation of future leaders, in both regions, who are better positioned and qualified to collaborate with each other.